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We’ve come a long way, to become an award winning video and photography company. We started as a group of friends with cameras in their hands and a desire to tell stories. As we grew up, our passion for storytelling remained with us and we went on to work in global advertising agencies. But we always found ourselves coming back to weddings and events, because one way or another, the story of people enjoying themselves is the story we love telling most. We love the atmosphere on the day of events. We love being a small part of your happiest moment, and it shows in love, care and effort with which we kraft them.

About Us


Creators of Krafted Memories

Monica's Bridal Shower


Jon and Monica started dating a few years back. They met at Duffys on their first date were Monica totally forgot about the date lol... Jon called and she said that she was running behind. One date that landed in to a life time.

Monica+Jon Wedding


After getting engaged in Big Sur California in a surprise proposal. Jonica came to life. A few friends got tired of saying Jon and Monica. The birth of Jonica

John & Monica


Being recently married in Hawaii has thought us a lot about marriage and love. We're still learning but love helping couples reach their goals.

Our Team

With over 15 years of experience in capturing stories, you happen to meet a lot of great individuals that become family. Every member of our team has helped build Krafted Memories to what it is today. Our team is Our Family. Every great family helps and supports one another. That's why our goal as Krafted Memories isn't only to help JONICA but to also help create new opportunities for every single member on our team. One day will achieve our dreams, by developing Krafted Memories into a nationwide vault of moments and memories. Will only be able to create this with the love and support from our family.

Our Wedding

Hawaii 1.1.21

Our wedding took place in Oahu,Hawaii. It was amazing!!! Not only did our team/family create our beautiful wedding film but everything was incredible. From the sights, the ceremony in waimea valley it was just incredible.

Our Proposal

Big Sur,California

Big Sur, California will always be a special part in our hearts. It's the place we're JONICA started. It was one moment, one ring and one yes that lead us to I Do.

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