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Date Night Ideas When Planning Your wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful. You could have decided to do it your own way with the support of those closest around you, or even have a wedding planner do it for you, but your ideas keep getting changed to fit in with other ideas, or availability of materials and such things.

During this time, it could become a strain on your relationship. This should be the time when you’re building romance and working up quiet anticipation of walking down the aisle. In peace, no less. All this gets thrown out the window in favor of focusing on the wedding, instead of the marriage after the wedding.

So, lay down your worries and take each other out on a date, preferably one that a Miami photographer can capture and help come up with absolutely beautiful moments that you can reminisce upon some time in the future.

So, where you take your future partner to?

  • Recreate your first date.

Yes, that’s a bit tricky, depending on how well the date went. Even if you bonded on your mutual friend’s couch, that still a first date to the more romantic member of society.

You can order the very first meal you had together, or the very first drink. You could wear the same clothes you had on and go back to the restaurant you went to retrace your steps, and this time, bring a Miami wedding photographer with you to capture these moments.

When you sit your children down in future and tell them How You Met Your Partner, they wouldn’t have to imagine it, they could just look at the photos instead. And definitely do not put in one with you eating “Sandwiches.”

  • Learn a new skill together.

It’s important that you get yourselves out of wedding planning mode and focus on building your partnership. If possible, even have a strict policy of no wedding talk after certain hours of the day.

To bolster all this, get yourselves out of your comfort zones and into a situation where you’d have to work together on a new skill. A good example is learning how to cook.

Yes, It isn’t always possible to prepare meals for each other due to the crazy schedules that you both have, but it won’t always be this way. You might even be planning on having kids. Feeding them healthy home cooked meals is one of those home experiences that everyone pines for. Even Africans have a saying, “Unless you travel, you will always believe that your mother is the best cook.” Well, they’re on to something with this.

  • Drive-in movies are still awesome.

Yes, Netflix and chill is all the rage nowadays, but you’ve been staring at the same television or laptop screen for several nights all through your dating period. Mix things up, get that person out of the house and to the next movie showing at the drive-in.

This is no longer a common activity, not even one to cross the minds of those who rarely experienced it as home cinema took over. This will be a fresh activity, and probably one you’ll be taking regularly.

If you decide to re-create your first date make sure to contact us at Miami Wedding Photographer