Miami Beach Botanical Garden

A Luxury Wedding Video

When you think of place to get married in Miami. The botanical garden in Miami beach is a beautiful location.

Our couple, Genesis and Axel had a gorgeous luxury wedding. Just the amazing garden and bridge is literally breath taking.

If you’re looking to see a wedding video where it showcases a unique style. Then stop looking. We

were challenged to make a new style of wedding video and this is it.

Look at this video below and you will see that right now theirs no other company in South Florida

providing this exceptional service. At Krafted Memories we truly feel that we take care of our clients in

every way possible. 🙂


We are a 2.6 acre urban oasis featuring subtropical plants from all around the world, unusual palms and South Florida native plants. Admission is free so stop by and see what’s in bloom! We offer frequent tours, events and educational programs.

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