Miami Corporate events

How to hire the right Video company in Miami for your corporate event!

We all know that planning any event can be tough. Theirs a few rules we feel that are important that you should follow.  🙂

We hope this helps on choosing the right company for you!



  1. Make sure they have insurance. We hear this all the time. Companies getting hired without being insured. You want to know that the company you’re hiring has insurance. Why? Because if something happens you know they have it covered. Most high end venues won’t allow you to show up if they don’t have them. So why book them if they don’t have insurance. This is what we like to call a red flag. Insurance usually means they are legit.


Lighting For Events

2. How is lighting important? When it comes to video and photography it’s essential. I’ve heard of crazy video and photography packages. Where it’s literally so cheap but it’s because it’s a one man band. When it comes to a corporate event you want to make sure these images are perfectly lit up and it represents your company. Ask your vendors if they have lighting technicians. Are they reliable and own led panels, flashes, strobes, etc… You need your photo and videos to come out beautiful.

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You need a  team, not a one man crew.

3. I love hearing how individuals are just the only one in production. For example lets say Bill owns a video company and calls his company Bill Media… Bill Media is just Bill and Bill doesn’t have a staff where they can send people. What happens if the night before your event somethings devastating happens. Where his camera breaks, or he has a family emergency. Things happen. You want to make sure you hire someone with a back up. You need your event covered that’s the point.


4. How can you hire anyone without the right gear. So here’s some tips as a client for you to choose the right person.Ask them what camera they have. Google it and see if it’s worth at least a $1000. That would give you an idea on what you’re looking at in terms of quality. Ask them what lenses they use.You get the idea. The more information you have the better.


5. Your a company and have a brand identity. It’s important to keep the brand guidelines and the company you hire understands that world.Do they know what an AE is. Account executive. Do they understand that if it doesn’t reach the brand guidelines it becomes unusable. This understanding goes very far when you hire the company you need.