Mexico Destination Wedding


Having a destination Wedding anywhere in the world is such a different vibe from a regular wedding. Destination weddings are laidback and relax. Your on vacation time. It’s such an advantage because you can just have so much more fun being laid back. All your guest are out doing their thing and your doing yours. The greatest part is that you can have activities that bring all the guest together which is such a beautiful thing.


Most destination weddings, usually have a pre party the night before the wedding just like a rehearsal dinner. We’ve seen it a lot of times were you can have an all white party. It’s a great way to kick it off.


No Rules To Destination Weddings

The number #1 thing to remember from a destination wedding is their no rules. Just have fun! I can stress this enough your on vacation time. You can do your portraits before,during or after. We’ve had couples literally do portrait session after the wedding day because they just want to enjoy cocktail or the day of the wedding. Or they prefer doing a whole other session like a trash the dress. It’s up to you. The best part about destination weddings its really up to you.


The Wedding Couple

Anna and Gilberto really had a lot of fun. They made their wedding day one to remember we captured their wedding video

and their wedding photos. It was great to capture their love story the way they wanted too. It was simple but elegant. Family was important to them and they just wanted to cherish this moment with all their friends that came from different parts of the world.


Is A Destination Wedding Right For You?

Having a destination wedding is right for you if you want everyone to go on vacation and it’s also right for you if you if you have friends and family coming from all sorts of location. If most of your party is from out of town anyways then maybe, it might be right to have a destination wedding. Remember your destination wedding can be always Sunny Miami or even somewhere completely unique. The world is your oyster and Krafted Memories is here to capture it for you.