Building Love Together in Hollywood

Hollywood Beach, Florida is a beautiful and sunny place. It’s hard to compete. The white sandy beaches and the breeze air just gets you in those wedding vibes. It’s close enough to Miami to want to party but far away enough were it’s intimate and romantic. Dylan and Ashley a super fun couple. Dylan a realtor knew it was the right time after being with Ashley for a while. They are best friends. With love it’s amazing to see when couples say I do but what’s more amazing is when they say yes to their best friend.


Dylan and Ashley did just that. They expressed their love to each other at their wedding in the most romantic and intimate of ways. A first look.


First Look

Everyone is different and a first look isn’t for everyone but if it is then your in luck for a pretty amazing moment. It’s your chance to be you with your future husband or wife without the whole world looking at you. The moment is completely different because in front of others you might not let go as easy but when it’s just the two of you. You might be balling a little more in tears. Hey! That’s okay 🙂 It’s part of it. Don’t worry about the makeup or how the photos are going to look because trust us your make up artist did a great job. You’re beautiful and right now it’s just about you two. About your wedding story starting.