West Palm Engagement Photographer


The Couple

Hector and Michelle are such a beautiful couple. It’s rare to see such love. The way that Hector looks at Michelle you can see in his eyes the happiness he has for her. He truly adores her. As for Michelle, it’s easy to see that her hear belongs to Hector. When choosing a location we spoke about what their love means and realized why not shoot in their own back yard. West Palm Beach is the home for them. Even though they lived in Miami most of their lives. West Palm has became home from them and that’s were they’ve been for years.  We wanted to shoot somewhere unique but still true to them. So we choose the West Palm beach clock tower. It’s a timeless piece as it represents the history of West Palm Beach.  Their love was great and expressed beautiful in these images.

Unique Places to Have Engagement Shoots



  • West Palm Beach Clock Tower

In Palm Beach, the nearest town to our city where most West Palm Beach residents and visitors always go to enjoy a day on the beach, there is a landmark that instantly becomes familiar to all. A person would hardly leave Palm Beach without noticing it or perhaps taking a photo of the Clock Tower at the entrance of Worth Avenue.

The clock sits right at the entrance of Worth Avenue, one of the main streets in the town of Palm Beach and it is facing both the avenue and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean that lies behind. Worth Avenue is also the name of the main shopping district in Palm Beach and one of the most upscale shopping districts in America.

  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

Yes, you would think that one of the most famous places in Miami is hardly unique, but you’d be surprised. The gardens and the museum itself offer wonderful vistas that cannot be exhausted, no matter how many photos are taken there.

The Italian architecture that is a replica of something from the Renaissance will provide beauty that will have anyone looking at your photos breathless. The green of the gardens meshes well with the browns of the architecture to give excellent color palettes from which to build your photoshoot on.

It’s location by the Biscayne Bay makes it a wonderful place to have a diverse range of photos. From the balconies, you can take photos that overlook the water.