Engagement and Fiancé

Sebastian and Brittany


How They Fell In Love

How many of us get to marry our high school sweet hearts? Not many. It’s crazy all the obstacles from high school and let’s not even mention college. It’s a really difficult road but even with all the parties and challenges. Sebastian and Brittany, conquered every challenge one at a time. Speaking to them and having so many years together they adore one another. Their love is pure and youthful. You see it in their eyes the way speak about one another. They lift each other up.


What We Learned

Theirs certain photos and videos you look at; you wonder what makes them unique. With Sebastian and Brittany you can view in their photos the love they have for one another. We use to tell our couples just relax during your session but now we’ve realized it’s not about relaxing. It’s about being in the moment with one another. Enjoy this time together. Fall in love all over again. It’s time to reconnect or get further connected. Make each other laugh and enjoy each other the same way you did when you first dated. Grow the sparks and let them fly.


Sebastian and Brittany’s Engagement Photos

Sebastian and Brittany after shooting wanted to have breakfast they invited the team to eat with them. We had the chance to speak a little more intimately about their wedding plans and speak about their love. Their was a common factor in the conversation about their love. They said ever since they knew each other they will always tried to love each other as if it was the first date. Their job was to always re and act those same feelings. Try to win those butterflies back and just fall in love with each other once again. It’s true though isn’t it. We all seem to loose a little bit of romance sometimes because of the stress from society. Just remember go back to that date and that’s what your engagement session is all about.