Fort Lauderdale Weddings

Ralphi and Raul


A Time In History

One day, will all remember the times of COVID as a thing of the past. Ralphi and Raul will always take a big part in our history as Krafted Memories. They showed us love always prevails. They were our first couple after the lockdown from COVID19. A lot of couples and people were afraid to have any type of events but love always exist. Love always keeps going. They inspired Krafted Memories and even influenced a marriage in our team for JONICA to now exist. It was all our couples that thought JONICA during this time that this is part of our story. Our story, is different than anyone before us and if you have a photos with guest in mask our yourself in mask when you have kids they’re going to ask you why. Simple answer son, I’m super woman lol


Going On With The Show

Ralphi and Raul wanted to have a full wedding day. That’s exactly what they got. All their guest were super excited to be there. Especially when it came to dancing. It’s weird after being on lock down for so long and afterwards someone tells you your loose. Let’s just say the party got really wild and really quick.


Ralphi and Raul The Wedding Couple

You guys were the trend setters the inspiration for many couples. They did something that many were afraid about. In uncertain times they knew their love wasn’t. They wanted everyone to know. How in love they were. They laughed and had a crazy amount of fun. We’re so happy for them. Much love to them and especially. Their wedding photos and videos are truly beautiful. It will always be unique because they kicked COVID right in the butt. So happy for them and will always put you in Krafted Memories history.