Gay Weddings

Mishael and Waldo


Mishael and Waldo all I can say is WOW! They were honestly a BLAST! From the drag queen show for entertainment for their guest to the little cute ideas they had for desserts they were just a treat <3

Things We Learned

Every wedding you do theirs room to always learn and grow. Mishael’s and Waldo’s wedding was one of them. We learned that Gay Weddings have no limits. Your free to do your wedding however you want. It’s honestly a beautiful and relaxing feeling. Theirs no right or wrong way. Mishael and Waldo wanted to Get Ready together even though we’ve had Gay couples that wanted to get ready separate before. They were like why do we need to get ready away from each other? I was like your totally right. Do it!


Getting Ready

Mishael and Waldo broke the traditional rules and it was great <3 They got beautiful and intimate shots that I never thought we would get. To be honest, I never knew that it would even look so amazing. They helped each other to get ready. No grooms men or best men because they are each others best men for life. Love is truthful and it guides your heart. This is what Mishael and Waldo thought us.


Love Is Powerful

When you look at the photos from Mishael and Waldo all you can say is that they are one of the most loving couples you’ve ever seen. Their love for one another is so powerful. They really push love each other and hearing their vows to one another made the crowd cry.

Let’s just say they got the whole team in their feels.



Their drag queen show was absolutely AMAZING!!! The whole crowd had fun. It was a big laugh and the dance moves were great. Wish you were there you really missed out.