Redland Koi Gardens

Josh and Genevy Wedding


Josh and Genevy have a great story with us. Let’s just say all their friends have shot their weddings with us. So going to their wedding was like going to a Krafted Memories reunion. It wasn’t just fun but it comes to show you how incredible couples feel about our team. It’s great to know that couples trust our process and approach to weddings.


Trust The Wedding Process

When planning your wedding they always say expect the worst. Plan for the worst and think about the worst. They say this because if it does happen theirs always that plan B and C. Our approach in to weddings is very similar. We don’t only take beautiful images but everyone in our team has been trained the Krafted Memories way. Our team, is a group of friends that everyone knows each other so it was great to see our team being able to capture the wedding of some great love ones. Like Josh and Genevy. Josh was a track star in high school. No figure that when he saw Genevy he ran to her like a cheetah. He knew what he wanted and finally got to say I do after so many years. I’m happy to say that their wedding photos shows a love so pure and joyful that it’s bound to bring a smile to anyones face.


Their wedding, was posh, lush, romantic and sophisticated. It had a oriental twist because of the location and I think our team captured the essence of their wedding. Love stories, always have a great way of being captured. When two people love each other so deeply. It makes our life so much easier. It’s still not point and shoot but we can definitely capture a lot of candid moments.