Jewish Weddings in Miami

David and Aliya

Jewish Wedding In Miami

Having a wedding in Miami is a staple. How many people can travel to this luxury, elegant and modern city. Miami, is always sunny. It just has a way of touching the soul. For David and Aliya, they were able to have the kosher wedding they always dreamt about.


Ketubah Signing

The ketubah siging is a wonderful moment. It’s the time were you both become officially married. Before the ceremony, it’s a time where you become whole. You become complete. You just signed yourself to the love of your life. From this day forward, you both shall be together.



David and Aliya modernized this typical jewish tradition and left it all under the Chuppah. It was beautiful to see them both look at each other and truly fall in love all over again.




Their chuppah was probably one of the nicest and most modern we’ve seen. From clear and acrylic columns to hanging orchids. It was truly a blessing to be able to capture their memories under such a beautiful scenery.


Running in Yichud

After the ceremony, you know what time it is. Run!!! Because if you don’t you will be left behind. This moment is amazing to capture. Everyone has so much joy and it’s truly a glorious way to leave a ceremony. David and Aliya had a lot of fun running through the crowds. Their faces were gleaming from their smiles. It was truly an incredible event.



I love capturing jewish weddings because as the day goes on it just gets more fun. Let’s just say, this is when the party really starts. Expect the unexpected is what I like to always say. Be ready to capture and be as mobile as possible. If your not ready it might be best to step off the dance floor and look from afar. For us though, we love getting right in the action. Making sure we capture everyones reaction to what’s going.