Engaged for a life time

Katya and Ryan

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach engagement photos are a great place. It’s so sunny because it’s South Florida but the best part about it… it’s away from Miami. You get such a different vibe. It’s posh and lux but very different than the posh and lux in Miami. West Palm has a great unique small town twist but still has the big city vibe. You get the best of both world in West Palm Beach. You’re the one who decides what side of town to hang out in.


Katya and Ryan “The Smiley Couple”

Let’s just say Katya and Ryan are the cutest thing ever. They both couldn’t stop giggling. They were smiling ear to ear and they knew that their in love. Everyone knows that their in love. Even strangers walking in the street had to stop to see how cute they were. Everyone told them. They are just that cute.  Some couples just have that charm with one another. Just making you smile and giggle just by their presence. I came out with such a great vibe after shooting it was incredible.


Engagement Photo and Video Tips

Here are a few tips when taking engagement photos. Just be you. I know that sounds like the worst tip in the world but it’s true. Just be in the moment with one another and don’t worry will make to capture this memory.

Another tip for the ladies, if you’re going to go with color try to coordinate with your significant other. We see it a lot of times, ladies have a beautiful outfit and the guys just bring something too simple. Most guys are just simple. Bare with us/them lol Guide them a little more and maybe even pick a few selections to help you both out.

Enjoy your day and don’t stress! We’re there for you.