Islamorada wedding

Kayreen and Devin


Your Special Wedding Day In The Keys

Capturing your wedding day in the Keys is always one of those days you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Key largo, Islamorada and all the other keys just has this beautiful deserted feeling. You’re in paradise. You have the sunny skies and deep blue oceans that surround you. For a wedding day, what more can you ask for. You’re surrounded by the most incredible locations in nature in South Florida.

If you’re thinking about having your wedding in the Keys make sure to bring some flip flops. Your probably going to use them a lot more than any other pair of shoes. Everyone in the Keys has this smooth island vibe. Your on island time without really being on a island.



First Look Vs First Touch

A first look has built popularity though the last few years. So why a first look over a first touch? A first look you both see each other for the first time. As for a first touch. You only hold hands. It’s a very spiritual moment and journey. You both hold hands and have a prayer together or speak about the day. That you’re so excited to have. Tears usually come down each others faces because it’s just the both of you holding on to that moment.


Kayreen and Devin

Having only visited the keys once they knew it was the right fit for them. They wanted a wedding that was laid back and chill just like them. They had a very smooth and easy day. Kayreen and Devin had an incredible wedding day. We took couples portraits during sunset and golden hour which incredible. For the wedding video, we were able to get those sun flares and just rich golden shots. For photos, we were able to push them really close to the ledge and with our second shooter plan out a far away epic shot. The wind caught on her wedding dress and it was totally breath taking.

Probably one of our favorite shots in the whole day. Their’s advantage to have 2nd shooters to don’t let others confuse you with that. Their definitely is an advantage if you want ask Kayreen and Devin. Their photos were just awesome and they were such a cool and laidback couple. Always making sure the team had what we needed to capture their wedding day the way they wanted.