Peter Schnebly Redland’s Winery (Home)

Sary and Joel

Sary and Joel had a Grand Wedding. If your from South Florida, you know or have heard about the winery in the Redlands named Schnebly. Peter Schenebly in the early 90’s, was just a farmer and decided to create lychee wine. Years after years the Schenebly winery became home for many locals to have their extravagant weddings. This luxurious, gem stone inspired Peter to create a unique experience in his own home.


Sary and Joel were the first to try his home as a wedding venue. From the photos you can see that images are incredible and he truly has something beautiful in his backyard. Sary and Joel didn’t get lucky they had their dream come true. It really was a fairy tale wedding. This location was breath taking and all their guest were in awe after going through the front gates. One second you think your at home and the next your in paradise. The property sits in over 10 acres so Sary and Joel had an incredible amount of photo opportunities and video.


As wedding photographers and videographers, working with new backgrounds is always inspiring.