Key West Wedding

Steven and Jacie

Getting married in the Keys it’s all about destination. You’re run away from home mindset is the reason why your at the Keys. It’s weird to say but doing weddings in Keys places such as Islamorada, Key West, Key Largo, Duck Key, Tavarnier or really any places down in the Keys area has a deserted beach feel. It’s you and everyone at your wedding. That’s really about it.


Away From Miami

What’s beautiful about the Keys is that your away from Miami. It’s a destination wedding within a destination. If your from Miami it’s a great place to go and if your not from Miami it’s even better. You’ll have the best views of the stars at night and the beaches during the day time are just worth while. Let’s put it this way we love going to the keys even for fun. It’s the one of the only places in the world were it’s a drive away and it feels that you just arrived to an island.  It’s crazy how beautiful the Keys really are.


The Wedding Couple

Steven and Jacie were such a fun bunch <3 Their wedding was intimate but it sure had a great amount of fun. Their guest really danced their butts off. I’m sure it’s their New Orleans spirit that made them want to dance the night away. Steven and Jacie were just great to be with and were just up for anything. On your wedding day that’s exactly what you’re looking for from couples. To just enjoy their day. More than the photos just have fun. Really live and love your day. It goes by so much faster than we all think. When you look back at all the moments captured theirs nothing that compares to how you remembered it the day of. So have fun and enjoy every second of it.