Engagement Photos

Valentina and Claude

Miami Mattheson Hammocks

Valentina and Claude are a great couple. Let’s just say they’re as sweet as can be. In this session, you can tell that they wanted to embody the sense of romance. Every step of the way all they wanted to do was be close. As a photographer especially in Miami, sometimes it get’s difficult when it get’s hot outside. Luckily that day we had incredible weather and taking photos was easy.


Getting Romantic

When you are in front of the camera the pressure is on and the camera doesn’t lie. Valentina and Claude realized this when I was showing them photos. At first, it’s hard to get use to it. Many of us freeze up in front of the camera. Even me. Good thing though, that’s why Krafted Memories, is here to help.

Looking natural in front of the camera theirs only one way to do it. Be natural. Simple enough but how do you get to that state. Of getting the perfect engagement photos. We have some tips and tricks.  If you like wine then have a bottle of wine before arriving. Don’t have too much because you can notice that too.


Come with the best spirit and don’t worry we’ll make sure to find your best angles. Just enjoy the moment and embrace each other. It’s not every day you can call each other fiancé. Being engaged is magical it’s calmness before the storm. When I mean storm, I mean planning.

So for now, before planning your wedding just enjoy every second of your engagement.


Starting with your photos. Just be in the moment and have as much fun as possible




Don’t stress it’s your day. Just like the wedding it’s your day. Your engagement photos is the day you’ll both remember how incredibly in love you are. You’ll need inspiration sometimes during the planning process so remember your photos are always there to get you through the planning. Much love and success to all our couples that are engaged.