Wedding Photos and Video

Veronica & Matt

Veronica and Matt postponed their wedding because of Covid. At first the only advice as pros that we gave all our couples was to open up a bottle of wine and take a breather. It’s out of our control. We realized that it’s not anyones fault but it’s the circumstances that our life time has encountered. Just take it easy was the key.

What we learned for a life time

In weddings, there are things you can’t control. We won’t always have control of everything that happens. Things happen. You can do your best and sometimes that’s all you can do. So what we can give as advice to all of our wedding couples is just enjoy your day. No matter what happens. Live that day to the fullest because your wedding day comes only once. Live every moment and have a smile on your face. This is your day. Live, laugh, cry, dance, drink and have fun.


Wedding 2021 and Future Inspiration

For 2021 and all other weddings in the future here’s a note for you every moment of your wedding is important because it’s your day. Your wedding day can’t be replicated. It’s unique to you and it’s beautiful to you. Your a gorgeous bride no matter what. If your a groom, your a handsome stud. Don’t foget that my couples. Your day is the most epic, romantic and best day ever. It’s not perfect becuase of the flowers,music, food or even photo or video. It’s perfect because the two of you are confessing your love to one another. Love always. Love strong and love hard. You both are great together and that’s why you made it to this moment. Enjoy your photos and video. Enjoy the smell of the flowers. Party and dance like never before. Just remember though, everything is special because you two are saying I do.