Viscaya Wedding Photos and Video

Aileen and Alexander


Viscaya’s Beautiful Scenery

When looking in to venue’s in Miami theirs only so many options that reach Viscaya’s master piece. It’s really hard to compete. You might say that Viscaya is probably one of the most posh and luxury locations for weddings in Miami. It has a certain elegance and timeless feel. It’s truly breath taking.


Gardens Or Beach Photos

As a wedding photographer and videographer, you’re always asking yourself what looks nicer beach or garden photos. Your always torn because how do you answer that. I love both <3 The greens just allow everything to pop it’s electric but the blues are just calming. With Viscaya, you get both. You have the advantage of having a beautiful ocean background as well as having the greenery of a epic garden.


The Wedding Couple

Aileen and Alexander

Both being raised in Miami they came to love such a beautiful location. Maybe it was that Aileen visited her in her youth and inspired her heart. Whatever it was, Viscaya was a great choice. She knew that it will have spectacular views. Theirs only a few locations in Miami that reach this sense of posh. Maybe Deering Estates, The Addisson or Thalatta and a few others like Curtis mansion etc… You have a moment of to take in the beauty and realize that you’re standing in something extremely unique that represents Miami. Maybe this is why Alex and Aileen choose Viscaya.