Weddings in West Palm Beach

Hector and Michelle

Rain or Shine

Having a wedding can be stressful. It’s all the planning, guest and the idea of the perfect experience. Their’s a saying in the industry always expect the worst. Always! If you then you’re at least prepared. Maybe it’s not an industry saying but all vendors really do say it. Reason why I’m mentioning this is that, you can choose the perfect date in the year, perfect location and but your wedding day will be the way it needs to be. It’s fate I guess. Just remember enjoy your day.

Hector and Michelle, were awesome and made their day happen the way they felt true to their hearts. Previously the plans were to have an outdoor ceremony in front of the yard were it overlooked all of West Palm Beach. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day in February. Last minute all the vendors had to help bring in the chairs to reception area and we created a new ceremony area. Which was plan B but never thought of having to use the space because it never rains in February in South Florida.


Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Since it rained in the early afternoon for ceremony time we couldn’t really take a lot of photos at that time. The golden hour was missed and we couldn’t take those light and airy photos we originally wanted. Even with that being said, we made the best of it and got the most incredible night photos. Michelle and Hector were so pleased with how this came out that they couldn’t believe that this was the outcome. All their friends and family after seeing the gallery were in awe <3 It really made us feel great that they thought their day was photographer and video taped amazingly.