Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Wedding Video

Every couple is different. There are those who will insist on a church wedding that will be witnessed by nearly 1,000 people that they have known and loved throughout their years. Others will want to get out of the tradition of the church, but won’t venture that far away. They may settle on a garden with a few hundred of their closest family and friends.

Then there are those who will want a different feeling, something to set them apart from the rest. Most of these types will settle for a beach wedding where they can let feet play around in the sand. There is another subset of these though. Those who want something unique through and through.

These are the types that will settle on someplace luxury, say like the Ritz Carlton. Jane and Justin are just that couple, and this move was sure to set a different tone in the eyes of many of the people around them.



For this, they took the ceremony to a place that some ways away from the hustle and bustle of Miami and into a place where the nature could bestow something wonderful into their wedding and their marriage. This place is across the Rickenbacker Causeway and is nestled in between two state parks. This beautiful place is Key Biscayne.

Having A wedding at the ritz

To be more specific, the wedding was held at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne, Miami. Jane and Justin couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful place to conduct their nuptials. This wedding should be the definition of taking a garden wedding and adding a lot of sparkle into it. The wonderful vistas overlooking the Biscayne Bay were nothing short of breathtaking. We were delighted to be a part of their special day as their miami wedding photographer.

The fact that Ritz Carlton is a spa is a testament to how they wanted to conduct their wedding, and how their marriage will be. A beautiful oasis away from the hard grind of life where they can both retire to (each other) and have a relaxing, stress relieving time.

The Couple

The bride stepped out in a beautifully embroidered spaghetti sleeve dress that was perfectly complemented by the shoes, necklace and the tiara. The groom came out in a black tux and bow tie. This was the only ties to tradition that was maintained by this couple… well, aside from the skull cap on Justin’s head.

One thing was apparent though, as they walked down the driveway, you could tell that this is the day they’ve been waiting for in a long time. This is a couple that took their time to learn each other’s tics and complement where possible. Whether it was the workings of the heavens or their own sheer will, this match will definitely be recorded in the heavens as one they should have made possible.

Their first dance as husband and wife only served to reinforce what the people in the room already knew. This was a couple that was deeply in love. This wedding was merely a formality to make things official to both their families, and maybe to themselves. Whether there was a wedding or not, this couple would have weathered whatever rocks and hard places came their way, and they would have loved each other until the end of time.