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Wedding Photos With An Iphone


Well, that big day has come and has passed. What started out as a day full of nerves turned out to be the most beautiful day of your life. Finally, you have a lifelong partner you can strap up armor and battle through the various quests in life with. You can’t wait to show the world how amazing the day was.

Your amazing Miami wedding photography expert stepped up to the mound and brought their A game. You have received hundreds of beautiful shots from them and you can’t decide which to put up. All of them have something different that you want to show to your friends and family. Which to pick?

Well, here’s some guidelines you can use.

  • Don’t add a filter.

Yes, shocking, isn’t it? Well, that’s because the photographer took their time to compose the shots. It’s not just a matter of point and click. They have to take into account lighting, how the photos are composed and focused before delivering them to you. The most probably did some post processing to give you the best.

Adding a filter just washes all this hard work down the drain. It may also end up destroying the quality of the photo. 

If you feel you have to, get in touch with them and see if it’s okay with them. Also take a look at the contract you signed and see whether they allow the photographs to be edited after delivery.

  • Tell a story.

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well in that case, give them something that can give viewers a chronology of how the day went. When posting the photos, start with the beginning of the day, how it went down for both you and your now husband or wife. Take them through both of you getting ready. 

Proceed through walking down the aisle, saying your vows, the reception, the toasts and so much more. 

You are the creative director of your story. You can choose how you want it to come out. You can choose to focus on the solemn vows you made, or you can choose to go the light hearted way and give everyone something to laugh about. 

  • Highlight the little details.

Aside from everyone wanting to see you and your partner kissing or taking your first dance as a married couple, it would be nice to take a detour in the middle of your story to appreciate the things that people may have missed.

If you had a particularly beautiful bouquet, share the photo. Depending on whether you had taken a different route in your planning and went Asian, you could have had beautiful henna patterns drawn around your hands. These are the things that you definitely should share. 

Don’t forget to include a caption that explains the significance of these things to you. You never know, you could inspire a bride somewhere to add spice to their own wedding.

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