Ah, finally. That special someone is wearing your ring, or you theirs. It’s time to take stock of the blessings that have come your way. While you celebrate at landing a hottie, you also remember you need a commemoration for the future. How else will you brag to your company’s shareholders how your partner has been there all through as you’ve built the company?

Turning up for the photoshoot could be a bit of a headache. Aside from wanting to commemorate your engagement with the help of a Miami wedding photographer, you also may be under pressure to have it be perfect. Before you put yourself under more undue pressure, consider these:

  • Don’t try to change who you are.

If you’re the kind of people who eschew wearing suits and other formal wear, don’t try to be one now. You may end up feeling absolutely out of place when you break out your penguin suit or a beaded ball gown. That will definitely come out in your photos as you force yourselves to be comfortable when you truly aren’t.

Put on that jeans and t-shirt with pride. Rock those low tops like they’re the last thing you’re going to do on earth. In simple terms, just be you and do you. That fedora is awesome by the way.

  • Don’t try to match.

I know sometimes wearing matching colors and patterns can communicate how in sync you are. This can work for you if you’re that type of couple. However, you do run the risk of looking like this was forced on one partner by the other. If you do decide to go for a patterned look, that may just make things worse.

What you want to do is compliment what your partner is wearing. Go for colors that compliment each other rather than match. Instead of wearing patterns, go for solid prints. 

Complimentary colors and solid prints are better at maintaining the focus on both you and your partner, rather than draw attention to the clothes you are wearing. 

  • Accessorize.

What would a work of art be without some diversity in it? For this reason, instead of just sticking to one solid color, you can switch things up by adding layers to your clothing. The hoodie, sweater, fur coat or denim jacket could do wonders for the photo.

On top of that, you could bring in some Madonna Vogue moments by adding in a pair of chic sunglasses, a lovely scarf, a drop-dead gorgeous necklace or some tribal bangles. These add some layers of complexity, different textures and coloring. The visual interest is something your Miami photographer should work on bringing out. 


  • Landscape.

Yes, your photo isn’t complete without considering the location of your shoot. Also, your outfit should match the terrain of your location. You don’t want to go to the woods with a dress tightly hugging your curves and stilletos.

If you choose the beach, do something appropriate like a sundress with vibrant colors and patterns.

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